Jhumpaelite is a renowned Cuttack-based Art and Crafts organization, passionately curated and owned by Mrs. Bijayalaxmi Patri. This distinguished establishment is celebrated for its dedication to crafting high-quality handmade products across a wide range of categories, reflecting the rich and vibrant traditions of Indian artistry.

Within its impressive repertoire, Jhumpaelite showcases an array of exquisite creations. From intricately designed earrings that effortlessly combine tradition and modernity to charming Rakhi pieces that symbolize the bond of love and protection, Jhumpaelite’s commitment to craftsmanship shines through in every creation.

Additionally, the organization offers beautifully crafted head clips, laptop covers that blend style with functionality, and elegantly designed vases and flowers that add a touch of grace to any space. Their woolen ponchos showcase warmth, comfort, and fashion in one, while their Puja Thali covers reflect the cultural significance and artistry of religious rituals.

Jhumpaelite’s dedication to producing these diverse handmade products not only promotes the preservation of traditional craft techniques but also offers individuals a chance to adorn themselves and their spaces with unique and meaningful pieces of art. With Mrs. Bijayalaxmi Patri’s vision and passion, Jhumpaelite continues to be a source of pride for Cuttack and a testament to the enduring beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

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